Balcony power station 800 W with storage 2.5 kWh - Ultralight

The complete set Ultralight 800 W with power storage contains:

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Save 19% VAT with immediate effect. on your plug-in solar system!

From January 1, 2023, VAT on photovoltaic systems and balcony power plants will no longer apply for all private operators(Federal Ministry of Finance, 2023).
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Up to 80 % self-sufficiency with a balcony power station and an energy storage unit.

Expand your balcony power station with an energy storage unit. This allows you to achieve up to 80 percent energy self-sufficiency.

To make it as easy as possible for you, we have put together ready-made sets with coordinated branded products.

The ultra-light 800 watt kit with power storage from Plug the Sunshine consists of 4 ultra-light solar modules, 2 powerful 2.5 kWh lithium batteries (LiFePO4), 2 management systems that control the storage and retrieval of energy in the system, a power meter and solar and connection cables.
There is also an app that allows you to decide when and how much electricity you want to store or consume.

Ultra-light and flexible solar modules with a monocrystalline cell structure that can achieve high yields even in cloudy and low-light conditions.
Thanks to their low weight, our ultra-light solar modules are particularly suitable for balconies and balcony railings in apartment buildings and apartments.

Connection cables for the micro inverter are already installed on the module.

Balcony power plants convert sunlight into electricity. This is then fed into the household grid via a socket. The electricity generated automatically supplies the appliances closest to your balcony power station – so your household always benefits first.
However, if you cannot use all of the energy generated yourself, you can supplement your balcony power plant with an energy storage unit that stores the surplus energy for later use. This means you always use all the solar energy generated yourself.
Plug the Sunshine battery storage systems consist of powerful lithium batteries, connection cables for the inverter and the solar modules, as well as a management system that controls the storage and retrieval of your system and is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

Plug the Sunshine 2.5 kWh power storage unit

Battery management system (HUB)

The “brain” of the storage system. The battery management system (HUB) controls all storage and retrieval processes of the battery and regulates the voltage of the solar modules.   The battery management system with MPPT technology ensures greater efficiency because it captures more energy during the day. The system was developed by a Slovenian company with 20 years of experience in providing energy solutions.

MPPT technology
Maximum of 2 classic solar modules or 5 ultra-light solar modules
1 x battery cable input
4 x MC4 output for microinverter connection

Our complete sets are supplied with the Hoymiles inverter and the matching DTU WLite stick . With the DTU, it is not only possible to read out the inverter, but also to reduce the output power, e.g. from 800 W to the currently still valid 600 W, by the user himself. As soon as the limit is raised from 600 W to 800 W (probably in 2024), this throttling can be removed again.

Our flexible and lightweight solar modules are particularly suitable for mounting on balconies. The solar modules are simply attached to the balcony with stainless steel cable ties and are ready for use in just a few minutes.
Each kit of ultra-light solar panels includes a system with screws for attaching an inverter to the balcony railing.

Save up to 20% on your electricity bill

Environmentally conscious
600 kg less CO2 emissions per year

30-day return guarantee

No installation or service costs

The solar modules are quick and easy to install

High quality of all components