Schuko cable


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As standard, Plug the Sunshine BKW is always supplied with a Schuko cable for the connection from the inverter via the Betteri socket to the Schuko socket - the Schuko plug is encapsulated and cannot be removed. A Schuko cable/plug is required so that the solar power generated by the PV module can be fed into the domestic power grid. The Schuko plug establishes the connection between the solar system and the domestic power supply. It is simply plugged into a conventional household socket. The solar power generated flows into the household grid and all household appliances automatically use solar energy. The Plug the Sunshine Schuko plug is equipped with so-called NA protection. The NA protection ensures that the balcony power station switches off automatically when the Schuko plug is removed from the socket. We offer Schuko cables in 5 m, 10 m and 15 m lengths.
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